MATLACHA CIVIC ASSOCIATION COMMUNITY MEETING -- April 17, 2019, at the Arts' Building in the Community Park

       Report on Chiquita Lock Removal Suit

       Meet Michael Dreikorn, Pine Island Resident running for Lee County Commission

       Presentation by Mitch Hutchcraft on King Ranch Land Use in Pine Island

       Discussion of Cape Coral's Seven Island's Project

       Report on Second Annual Water Colors Gala and Thank Yous


 Representatives from the Army Corps of Engineers, the South Florida Water Management District, the Sanibel Captiva Conservancy Foundation, Captains for Clean Water, and the City of Cape Coral appeared last night, March 26, at Iglesias Christiana Church in Cape Coral.  For Matlacha and Pine Islanders, you should be interested in the presentation by Jeff Pearson, the Utilities Director for Cape Coral.  The blue-green algae hit Cape Coral harder than most anywhere on the west coast.  Mr. Pearson outlined the numerous efforts taken to rid us of this algae, but none worked to any significant extent.  The most promising was a product locally produced to remove algae from fish tanks. Good luck with that.  Over 70 dead end canals with access to the Caloosahatchee were found with thick blue-green algae.  Notably, no one from Cape Coral said anything about how to prevent the blue-green algae next year.  Mr. Pearson frankly admitted that Cape Coral does not know what the solution is when blue-green algae gets into the canals.  Perhaps they should talk with Kevin Erwin, the ecologist who designed the canals.  A flyer was distributed to the attendees on behalf of Matlacha Civic Association which pointed out that Cape Coral is polluting our Estuary, and plans to make matters worse by removing the Chiquita Boat Lock.  We don't think Mayor Coviello and Cape Coral should be taking the high ground on Clean Water.  You may read the flyer here

MATLACHA CIVIC ASSOCIATION Membership and Community Meeting to be held Wednesday, March 20, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. at the Community Park Arts Building.   


Agenda includes: discussion by Sanibel Council Member; update on Lake Okeechobie water release litigation; Chiquita Lock litigation;  Water Colors Gala

EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATION HELD AT CAPE HARBOUR MARINA -- March 18,      2019.  Experts and Clean Water advocates discussed "The Case Against Removal of the Chiquita Lock"


The video presentation of Ecologist Kevin Erwin will be posted on our facebook page by March 19.

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    DOAH HEARING -- April 11-12 on MCA Challenge to Removal of the Chiquita            Lock.  More information available elsewhere on this site.

    MCA MEMBERSHIP MEETING -- Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at the        Matlacha Community Park Arts Building, 4577 Pine Island Road, Matlacha FL.

MCA Presentation by Greg Stuart

As most of you know, we had the Mayor from Islamorada present to us in December. He viewed the Incorporation as a positive move for their community.

In order to provide balance, Greg Stuart presented some reasons to be concerned about Incorporation at this months meeting. Video was also shot and will be edit over the weekend. However, the entire PP presentation can be viewed here. 

Please take the time to review this most important presentation and the concerns raised by Greg during the presentation. 

Video from Tonights Matlacha Civic Association Meeting can be found here

Dear Members,



The  MCA meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 20 6:00 will be held at the Art Asso. Building/


At the last meeting, over 95 folks attended and 62 paid their 2018 dues. It's important to know that the 2018 dues must be paid in order to vote on important upcoming decisions that may affect Matlacha's future. At the Wednesday's meeting, be sure to sign in and pay your $5.00 dues for 2018.  


 We encourage you to attend this meeting to hear the speakers talk --------


Incorporation from a Personal Perspective



o   Welcome (Birdi Smock)

o   Pledge of Allegiance (Birdi Smock)

o   Minutes from November 15th MCA meeting (Jim Young) ----(open attachment for the minutes)

o   Treasurer’s Report (Janette Fraissinet)

o   Treasurer’s Report ‘No Annexation Fund’ (Julie Oberlin)

o   50-50 sale (Janette Fraissinet)

o   Sign-in table with name tags and $5 membership renewal drive (Billie Young)


 o   Islamorada Vice-Mayor Chris Sante and Councilman Mike Forster

o   Nomination Committee Update for Board of Directors Vote in January 2018 (Birdi Smock/Janette Fraissinet/Billie Young)

o   New Business (All)

Please bring item for the Food Pantry, they are requesting Hamburger Helper, packages Rice and spaghetti sauce. Thank you